Adobe Connect Custom Pods:


AutoRecord Meeting Pod

AutoRecord Meeting Pod

Brightcove Player

eSyncTraining’s newest pod will serve as the fastest, most efficient way to share Brightcove secure video libraries through Adobe Connect. In addition, Brightcove account holders will be able to enjoy an amazing Adobe Connect recording experience with synchronized playback and seeking from the native Connect Recording playback controls for real-time Brightcove video streaming.

Closed Captioning for Connect

Our Closed Captioning pod facilitates real-time captioning line-by-line, or word-by-word, to ensure that all users can utilize the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform, regardless of language barriers or accessibility constraints.

Closed Captioning Pod with Editor

Closed Captioning Pod with the Editor

EduGame Cloud

The EduGame Cloud includes customizable educational games, training tools and student management resources to optimize cloud-based training and learning through Adobe Connect.

Kaltura Video Pod

Kaltura is a leader in Video Content Management. With the Kaltura Video Pod for Adobe Connect from eSyncTraining, users can incorporate videos into virtual meetings in real-time, allowing for playlists of videos to be displayed, shared viewing experience, collaboration, and video annotation.

Mindomo for Connect

The Mindomo solution is an innovative tool to deliver structure and hierarchy to brainstorming and white boarding discussions within Adobe Connect, offering a real-time collaborative environment to better document and deliver solutions.

YouTube Player for Connect

Integrating video content into virtual meetings has, until recently, been an awkward and unwieldy process. Utilizing eSyncTraining’s YouTube Pod, users can incorporate YouTube videos into real-time Adobe Connect meetings, coordinate video viewing, add annotations, clarify information and allow for a more dynamic response to questions.